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Cable Assemblies and Interconnect Solutions

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More than just a knowledgeable supplier

Electronic Excellence is more than just a supplier of electrical and electromechanical components. We pride ourselves in bringing value to our customers by working closely with them to ensure their technical and operational requirements are fully satisfied, and in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Going beyond mere product knowledge; we learn our client’s requirements, the problems they are trying to solve and the environments in which they work. Our extensive knowledge of components and industries, coupled with our technical and engineering experience, places us in an ideal position to be able to suggest solutions for our customers.

Global customer base, global experience

Our customer based is made up from a diverse and varied range of commercial, industrial, automotive and aerospace clients from the UK and Europe, right across the world to the far reaches of North America, China and the Middle East. Whether your needs lie within data acquisition, telecoms or more specialist market segments such as medical, aerospace and power generation – no matter what your field of expertise, we are ideally placed to assist you.

We’d like to show you what we can do!

Every experienced engineer/designer knows that getting it right early in the design and procurement process will save the project significant time, money and resources. Our experience, expertise and reputation have earned us the role of strategic partner with many of our valued clients.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can show you what we can do to help.


Electronic Excellence Ltd over the years has developed a supply base with dedicated, like minded, ‘Blue Chip’ manufacturers. Together we are committed to sharing specialist knowledge through factory support, joint visits with dedicated product engineers and full and complete laboratory and test facilities throughout the world. Our aim is complete product knowledge using traditional and leading edge materials in new and innovative designs both at the concept of a new design or to redesign an existing product.



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