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Not always as simple as it first seems

The process of identifying a cable that is fit for purpose and will safely and reliably meet the needs of your solution can seem quite straightforward at first. But a closer look at the ever growing product range of cable types and technologies available today from a wide variety of vendors across the world may well reveal the task to be more complex than first thought. Sometimes the range of available options can appear endless.

So just how can you know which cable will be right for your solution – right for the signal/current/voltage you need it to carry, right in terms of the environment in which it will be used, that it has the correct international standard requirements (if required at all) and right in terms of price? That’s where we believe we can help you.

A proven track record across industries and environment

Having supplied cables into a wide variety of industries and environments over the years, including power generation, aerospace, rail, automotive, renewables and the electronic sector, we have successfully built up a knowledgebase and expertise in this field to be proud of.

From fibre to copper, food processing to aerospace, extreme environments consisting of high temperatures, high wear and waterproof, such as off-highway – our customers have trusted our advice on what cable types to use.

Custom Cable Manufacturing

Full customisation – from the bare wire up to composite/hybrid cables

We also specialise in the design and production of completely customized cables. Working to your requirements and alongside your engineers, we can design a new cable from the ground up that exactly meets your needs. We can specify cable properties such as the inner conductors, inner jackets, shielding, outer jackets – from the bare wire strand right the through to a complete composite/hybrid mixed technology cable. With our understanding of materials, markets and applications – you can benefit from the hard work we’ve already put in to understanding cables!

Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help you!

  • Flexible Control Cables – YY, SY CY, LiYY, LiYCY, etc

  • PUR Control Cables, including extreme environments

  • Rubber Flexible Cables – H05/H07

  • PTFE, ETFE, XLPE, High Temp, Single and Multicore

  • Hook-up Wires – UL, CSA, HAR, BS, IEC

  • Defence Standard – Single and Multicore

  • Automotive, Railway & Aerospace Certified

  • Co-Axial – PVC, PTFE, XLPE and Special Purpose

  • Earth Braiding – Flat & Round, Insulated & Non Ribbon Cable

  • Customised – Made to Order Specials (Low MOQ), wide range of material and styles available


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