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IIP Award Retained

Electronic Execellence ltd

Originally awarded in 2012, we are delighted with the news that Electronic Excellence have retained the prestigious Investors in People certification. This rigorous standard has been established to define what it takes to lead, support and manage people in the workplace in order to deliver sustainable results. It outlines the skillset required to achieve common goals of excellence and the training required to meet those evolving needs.

By meeting the Investors in People Standard, our customers are assured they are doing business with a company which is amongst the very best in the world, when it comes to people management. As a result, this allows us to deliver the highest level of customer service and product quality for our client base.

Pictured above (left to right)
Dr. Stephen Farry, Minister for Employment & Learning
Joanne Rountree, Electronic Excellence
Jonathan Rountree, Electronic Excellence
Mark Huddleston, NI Commissioner for Employment and Skills

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