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A permanently occurring problem when using waterproof connectors has been solved by the experts of Franz Binder Company in Neckarsulm. In general the specified degree of protection is only achieved when both sides of the connection are mated. Many users become aware of this fact only if the first defects or complaints happen.

To solve this problem various approaches can be made. The most common solutions are to use a protective cap or to pot the housing. Not that often but not less remarkable is the use of a hinged lid.

Certainly these solutions are somehow attractive and help to solve the problem but they still bear a residual risk regarding water tightness. Furthermore they involve further time and effort resulting in additional cost. Also the additional components cause problems when handling the connection and have got a negative effect on the product`s appearance.

Therefore Binder was heading for a solution that would fulfil a protection degree of IP 67 even when the connection isn`t mated. With a little pride we now can offer a connector product family which fulfils the specified requirements and which avoids the disadvantages of the most common solutions on the market.

The connection will be sold under the name 770 Series NCC (Not Connected Closed). As the abbreviation already implies the interface between the two halves is even closed when they are not mated. The special thing about this solution is hidden inside. At first sight one wouldn`t recognize that the NCC is an electrical connection as the typical contact elements of the panel mount part are covered by a spring mounted lid. This lid protects the contact area against water, dirt and foreign particles. Another important aspect is that the contact elements are touch proof and therefore are also protected against manipulation.

The 770 Series NCC is offering a larger potential in the application fields where watertight connectors are required without additional cost for components and assembly. The application field is wide and comprises all sectors but due to the special NCC features this product is most suitable for measurement and control devices and especially the medical field.

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Samples available on request.

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