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Weidmuller Power Supplies

Weidmueller PSU Range


As Weidmuller’s stocking distributor of power supplies in Ireland, Electronic Excellence Ltd can offer a full range of switched mode power supply units of 5V to 24V and 48V suitable for use in a wide variety of applications  in industry, uninterruptible power supplies and electronic fuses for 24V networks.

With individual families of PSU, we always deliver the adequate supply – coordinated to the specific requirements of your machine or system.
For an uninterruptible power supply, we offer buffer modules, control units and batteries to bridge everything from a few milliseconds up to several hours.

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Introducing a NEW addition to the family

Weidmuller PROtop Power Supply

Weidmuller PROtop PSU

DCL technology gives the new PROtop range of power supply units an outstanding dynamic range.
This can be used for the reliable triggering of circuit breakers or for powerful motor starts.
And with up to 30% space saving over existing products in the market, makes this an exciting launch.


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